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Glowworm caves. Day trip from Auckland, North Island, New Zealand

We roast our own fair trade, organic, shade grown coffee.  We roast, serve and sell the coffee onsite as well as supplying customers around New Zealand through mail order.

Our blend is a mild, all-round blend with a hint of chocolate. It produces a smooth espresso and a good plunger.

Fair trade, organic and shade grown? What does it all mean and why is it important?

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Fair Trade:  The grower is paid a fair and sustainable price for the crop. Our coffee is certified as fair trade from our broker.

Organic: The crop is grown to organic standards, meaning it is grown naturally and without the routine use of synthetic agricultural pesticides or fertilisers.

Shade grown: Coffee is naturally a shade growing plant, however since 1972 hybrid varieties have been developed and are grown more intensively in full sun.  This has resulted in clear cutting forest to make way for plantations, which in turn has led to erosion and a decline in bird life. Shade grown coffee supports growers using the traditional cultivation methods and preserves regional ecosystems.

To become a regular mail order customer call 09 233 3199 or email us.

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